By Henry Warner 15 May, 2016

With internet usage scaling up over 40% on mobile phones, Google's new 'Mobilegeddon 2' act, makes it vital for businesses to offer their users a unique experience with a mobile solution. Mobile sites not only have the highest conversion rate of any device but,  accordingly to Google, 1 and 3 searches. Because lets face it, if a user has to zoom in and scroll around to click on your 'Services' tab, chances are they are bouncing right off and looking up a competitor. Not only does a outdated site not convert traffic into sales, but hurts your overall Google ranking AND leaves a poor impression on a first time viewer .    

While preferred, the cost of a complete redesign with Responsive Technology is quite expensive and can often leave the small businesses on a tight budget out to dry. So the team here at New Wave Digital Designs has decided to take action and help business owners generate more business at a minimum expense. Since the value of a website varies throughout industries, we have agreed to give anyone in need a MOBILE-ONLY site for FREE for the first 30 DAYS. Preceding the trial period we evaluate the data reports and extend the option of purchasing the site (prices starting at $20/mo).  If interested, please  sign up here   or call  Henry  at  908-872-4354  
By Henry Warner 10 May, 2016

Ending a shower in cold water is scientifically one of the best ways to start your day. It kick starts the metabolism, closes pores, enriches hair follicles, replenishes muscles, and hydrates the skin... all great things right? So you're going to start taking them now?

Chances are, probably not. Probably the same reason why those who should commit to exercise and cleaner eating don't carry out a path to healthier living. Because its easier to do whats comfortable rather than working for what is challenging. Because settling for what we have often feels better than striving for what we want.

Now some people are lazy, but a lot of us work hard. So what stops us from taking a chance on what we truly crave. What we know we can have, but don't. Is it resources, direction, knowledge?... No, those are all accessible. It's something deeper, something much more damaging. That something is fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of judgement.

Fear can entrap us, dictate and define us. It's what can what allow us to become more focused on the 'what ifs' and less on the 'lets find out'. It allows us to accept contentment. It's what stops us from striving for our life's unknown futures based on its past disappointments.

But we can not let the fear of pain, judgement or failure be what stops us from taking action on our true motives. Our fate is not dictated on our talents but our character. We must be willing to persevere and allow our opportunity to present itself. We must make it undeniable.

 You are worthy of any good you wish to amount to be, but you have to be willing to take the cold shower. Because one day the smoke will clear, the air will settle, and there it is, your nugget of possibility. So what are you gonna do? Ill tell you... Jump. F***ing jump. It might not be easy, it might not be fun, but dammit its ALWAYS worth it.

By Henry Warner 29 Mar, 2016
SEO is a very much accepted market strategy available online as it is highly effective. There are so many benefits that you get with the usage of SEO and here are few of them. A form of SEO is necessary for any websites success. Whether it be persistent or gradual, keeping the content on your website and social media pages fresh and relevant is key to holding a successful online presence.  Here are the few advantages that you get with the usage of SEO. This can many times help you easily get your business on the track over web. Follow up in our next blog to learn how to orchestrate a successful SEO campaign for your business.

Increased Traffic

Top most positions on search engine may result with SEO. It is necessary that you get good amount of traffic as it is the only way through which your business reach maximum possible potential buyers. It can in turn increase the sales. If you are making use of search engine optimization then your website may get better ranking on search engines. When it is ranked on top then it may be displayed on the top of list to the users. This can increase more visits to your website.

Return on Investment

The results that you get with SEO are trackable and can even be measured. It is possible for you to measure the same irrespective of you having a website that is there in the niche of e-commerce or not. SEO agencies may easily track every aspect related with the strategy that they have got which include increase in the traffic, rankings and also conversions. Comprehensive analytics may easily provide ability for drilling down towards granular level and also figuring out demographic information. This can make the individuals have better interaction with the website.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO is one of the marketing strategies that is very cost effective as it can target users who are looking for the products which are available online. The inbound nature of SEO can help business in saving quite a lot of money over the other kinds of outbound strategies like the cold calling. Cold calling is called as inbound strategy like that of SEO. SEO may even target the users who are trying to search for the services or products that are most similar to that of yours. The traffic that you get with SEO is something much qualified compared to other kinds of marketing strategies which may result out of cost savings for the companies.

Increased Usability of Website

SEO ensures that the website is much easier for navigation with search engines. SEO can help in making the website to have a better navigation for the users. SEO has got so many things with the rearrangement of the architecture of the site and also the links that can make pages which are there in website much easier for navigation as well as to find. This really makes much easier for search engines to crawl website and find the pages.

For more insight and consistent information on SEO, please reference . As a full stack SEO Agency, they provide, relevant up-to-date ways to help grow your online business and take over the first page of Google. 
By Henry Warner 29 Mar, 2016
 So if you are a business owner, you might be wondering ' what is this responsive technology'   you keep about from digital marketers informing you of your poorly designed and ranking site. To keep it short, it is the new standard in web design that enables designers and developers to create websites that can change their entire layout depending on what device it is being viewed on. Simply put, when designed, the content will 'respond' properly to the device it is being viewed on.

With the drastic increase in mobile and tablet usage over the recent years, users needed a site that could adhere to their devices functionality. Because lets face it, in our world of quick gratification, no one wants to zoom in and scroll around a businesses site to find what we want. So developers were forced to generate a software capable of  a proper experience. Not only will it maximize user experience but through Google's new ' Mobilegeddon Act' , will increase your ranking. Websites can be viewed on devices such as desktop computers, smart TV's, tablets, mobile phones and even laptops. Responsive designs make use of flexible layouts, flexible images and other inbuilt CSS ( cascading style sheet) media queries. 

With technology constantly evolving, it is imperative to use a platform that is future proof, and Responsive is just that. Business owners are constantly questioning the worth of investment as they just spent thousands of dollars years ago having a site done that is now out of date. But rest assured that as internet usage continues to expand through devices like watches, car monitors, TVs etc, that 'Responsive Technology' will adhere to its functionality.  

On a technical end,   'how is a responsive website  designed' . Developers can do this by using a collection of different techniques and ideas mainly using flexible grids and another special technique known as media queries. It starts off in Photoshop where developers make sure that each and every element is designed correctly into pixel perfect measurements which can then be translated into code, which is of course on pixels. Doing this makes the website viewable on all devices even though they can not be presented in a more convenient or cute manner. Developers have to state the pixel measurements and the viewing on a smaller screen to force the scroll bars to appear.

Both the media queries and the flexible technique methods must be used together for the responsive design work as intended. It is an advantage for CSS3 developers because it is fully supported by most modern browsers.Media queries enable users to get reliable information on a particular viewport from which a visitor is viewing the website, and it also targets specific screen sizes by automatically using unique CSS styles. The most important and crucial feature in these techniques is one "min-width" property which allows developers to use the various CSS styles if and only if a browser window drops below a set width.

For the interest of potential investors who are wondering, 'how much does a responsive website cost to have designed' , there are a lot of moving pieces that must be considered. Just like when you get 3 roofing estimates from roofing contractors, the total amount will vary dramatically, and it is the same way within the Web Design Industry. There are a couple key elements that you have to figure before deciding which company is right for you. First being the platform. Generally most designers are using whats called a 'Content Management System'. Now if they are using Wordpress, the process might take them a little bit longer so their price may be higher, but the capabilities of Wordpress are seemingly endless. Then you have to factor in the copy write and images, are you supplying them or are they. Another one is if they are using a template or are they customizing it from scratch. Are they implementing any kind of SEO (on site keywords, blogs, backlinks) etc. You also have to include what it is your looking to have done for your site. Somethings just take a lot of coding and are quite difficult and time consuming, so depending on the level of experience and ability of the developer, the price will be reflected. For instance, do you need a database with log in capabilities for your clients information, do you need a Calendar of Events, News and Updates, an eComm store, online scheduling, etc. Finally, like always, it comes down to the agencies discretion, aka how much do they feel like charging, and this will vary dramatically from thousands of dollars. Usually, we target small-medium size businesses whose sites range anywhere from 2k up to 15k again it really depends on what you are looking to have developed. For your knowledge, a couple months ago we got estimates from 3 of the top ranking agencies for "New Jersey Web Design" and had the price range from $3,500 to $10,700 for a 5-6 page site, from scratch, with copy write supplied by them, images by me, On-Page Optimization, and a Content Management System so I can update it.  
By Henry Warner 27 Jan, 2016

I hear it from owners all the time, "business is well, I have great customer loyalty, and we have been around for 40 years, but we cannot get a  first page ranking on Google for the life of us." 

After a quick course on 'Online-Marketing 101' from yours truly, these sad, sad business owners have a choice to make, accept the reality of a poorly ranking site, or take action on a solution. 

So how does a company land on the first page of Google? Its certainly not easy, some may say you will have better luck climbing Everest in sandals, but for starters, we have to understand how their algorithm works.  

Google is like that football coach who is tough but fair and produces results so everyone wants to play for him. At the end of the day he wants what is best for you, but does not make the voyage to the starting line-up very easy. With a strong moral and ethical foundation if you prove yourself right by showing up to practice every day and giving your absolute all,  he might just throw you in the fourth quarter when you're team is up by 40 against Titsville. And if you continue to work hard and play well when it matters? Well then its simple, more playing time for you. So as the season continues and you proceed to prove yourself as a trusted, reliable source through your continued action, you are now one the top 3 receivers on the team in catches, yards per carry and touchdowns, congrats. But remember, this coach is tough, so if you stop showing up to practice, giving it your best, or preforming in the game, well then your 'top 3' receiver ranking will quickly demise as quickly as it succeeded.   

Get where I am going with this? Just like that tough coach, Google wants what is best for your business, but they are not going to make their first page ranking easy for you. Because anything worth having is worth working for.  First you have to prove to Google you are active and care about your web presence. This is simply done through making good habit of updating your Social Media, Blog posts, business citations, on-page SEO, off-page link-building, secured SSL, having a mobile friendly solution etc. Why is this all important? because the internet all ties together as well as Charlotte's beautiful web. 

So as you continue to build trust and credibility through your proceeded action, Google will be more likely to 'play' you and will continue to play you if your site generates healthy traffic through their searches. Make sense? 

At the end of the day their goal is simple, to give the viewers the best user experience through your site based on its content relatively. But since any baboon can write whatever they want on the internet, they need to make sure you are a credible source before ranking you at the top. Which is why they have openly said that they are more like to rank websites who invest in a 'Responsive Site', have an active blog, continued Social Media updates, accurate business citations, credible link-building etc. Why? because a business who invests their time and money is more than likely a business who can be trusted. 

Just like anything in life, you will be granted the success based off of the action you take. So  there is hope, repent and get on it today, right now. Change that website, update that Facebook Page, Tweet away and sooner than later all will be right with the world.

Lastly and certainly not least, if you feel like you just don't have the time, knowledge or ability to maintain a highly functional website, please seek professional help. Whether it be the team here at New Wave Digital Designs, or some local floozie who freelances in his basement, put the time, effort and money into the right hands and the results will be seen. But remember peps, SEO is a long term investment that is sure to pay itself off. 

 "You don't get a second chance at a first impression"  


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